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Breaking News in October as Zynergy is joining forces with The Zen Zoo.  Check out for schedule, fees, & meet Donna.  This will be Zen Zoo + Zynergy + FUN!  Are you ready for more than 1 way to meet your goals & shrink everything but that smile!

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Call 636-208-8666

See you sweaty!

1st class:

You'll pay $10 for your first visit and

your 2nd visit is FREE!!

When you choose to join us on a regular basis,

that $10 will go toward your monthly fee.


$40/ mth= 3 classes or less Zynergy only

(Pricing is subject to change)​


Hydration is very important! It is a good idea to take a few drinks of water periodically throughout your work out.

Wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes that give you good arch support.

Don't get frustrated during the class if you couldn't get all the steps. We don't do Zumba to learn how to dance and nobody is going to be judging your dancing skills. Just try to loosen up and allow yourself to have fun.

As with anything new, the first class is always the hardest. There are a lot of things that you probably are not used to, such as the way we move our hips. Just hang in there because real quick you will be movin' like you never thought you would!

Zumba is all about moving at your own pace. Everybody can Zumba®. During the class we will show you how to do it low, intermediate and high impact. Because everyone is different, you must know your own limitations. As time progresses you can add intensity to your workout with out endangering your body. You may not add the arms movements and do just part of the class. There is no sense in overdoing it, you and your body will regret it later.

For safety from injuries remember to keep a good posture. But the best reason for us is to get better results especially on your abdomen.



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sSchedule subject to change due to Covid-19 restrictions in place. S

Zumba ®

Tue & Thur 6:30pm

Saturday 8:00am



Z Bonus

Tue & Thur 6:10-6:30pm 

Super Saturday

Saturday 8:00am


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